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Program Description

Variety Child Learning Center (VCLC), founded in 1966 by Judith Simon Bloch, is a not-for-profit school that is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. Ms. Bloch began the school based on three important principles: early identification, early intervention and parent involvement. More than 50 years later, these remain the cornerstones of VCLC’s programs.

Today, VCLC provides programs and services for young children, ages birth to seven, with learning, language, social and behavior challenges and support services for their families.

* Early Intervention (EI) & Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) services are for children who have or are suspected of having a developmental delay or disability & are eligible based on NYSDOH or NYSED guidelines. NCDOH/SCDOH for EI & local school districts for CPSE must refer children for evaluations. Type of services, frequency, duration, location & provider are determined by the municipality for EI and the school district for CPSE. Families have no out of pocket expense but are responsible for fees/costs associated with child care. All therapists & teachers are licensed &/or certified according to NYSDOH & NYSED regulations.

  • Evaluations for children birth to seven
  • Early intervention services for children birth to three
  • Preschool special education center-based classes, SEIS, SCIS and related services
  • School-age special education center-based classes
  • Family Center Sunday Respite Services
  • Fee-for-service programs:
  • Social Skills Training Groups
  • Movement Groups
  • Fabulous Fingers
  • Lufrano Training Program which provides workshops and seminars
  • Child Care for children 6 weeks to 5 years
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Upcoming Events

Save the Date:

April 27, 2018:
Variety Night at Crest Hollow Country Club

For event and ticket information, contact:
Mindy Knaffo at 516-921-7171, Ext. 2144 or email:



To make a donation to VCLC, please contact Mindy Knaffo by phone at 516-921-7171, Ext. 2144 or by email at

Important News:

We wish all our children, families, staff, donors and friends a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

Join us for an evening of fun at Variety Night 2018 on Friday, April 27, 2018 at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, New York, 7 – 11 PM.  Watch for sponsorship and ticket information.

Spring Seminar Series will begin in March 2018.  Watch for details.